You can expect to receive an unparalleled level of personalized and expert support in the assessment, presentation, and execution of a transaction. We provide guidance based on our extensive experience in transactions and thorough understanding of the unique characteristics that differentiate your business.

Step 1: Data Gathering and Analysis

  • Collect financial and other relevant information
  • Conduct interviews with owners and management
  • Adjust financial statements to reflect accurate value

Step 2: Generation of Marketing Materials, and Production of Confidential Information Memorandum

  • Create teaser for initial outreach
  • Develop Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)
  • Generate Non-Disclosure Agreement to receive CIM

Step 3: Buyer List Development

  • Conduct in-depth research to identify potential buyers
  • Maintain a comprehensive database to efficiently manage the buyer outreach process
  • Leverage industry knowledge and network to identify best potential buyer group

Step 4: Buyer Engagement Management

  • Conduct screenings of potential buyers to ensure they meet your criteria and have the necessary resources to complete the transaction.
  • Manage the preliminary due diligence process, including data room organization and communication with the buyer, to ensure all necessary information is provided in a timely and organized manner.

Step 5: Letters of Intent

  • Enforce an LOI due date after buyer review of confidential materials
  • Review LOI key financial and non-financial terms
  • Identify top contenders among buyer pool

Step 6: The Presentation and “Best and Final” Stage of Bidding

  • Narrow prospective buyer pool to 3-5
  • Present Buyer offers to client
  • Compare terms side by side and negotiate key points and revise LOI if needed
  • Client selects best long-term partner and executes LOI

Step 7: Diligence

  • Guide Seller on what to expect and how to ensure a successful outcome
  • Facilitate information exchange and streamline communication
  • Ensure questions are answered promptly and any issues are addressed

Step 8: Legal Documents and Closing

  • Facilitate legal document exchange including drafting and negotiating purchase agreements, disclosure schedules, and other ancillary documents.
  • Facilitate transfer of funds and ensuring closing conditions are satisfied

Staying on Track

Great deals have fallen apart for less than great reasons, which is why at Oakmark, we leverage our transactional experience, business acumen, and communication leadership to help our clients overcome any issues and get their transactions back on track for closing. By focusing on comprehending the strategic objectives of both the seller and the buyer, we ensure that their interests are aligned, which is a key feature of any successful transaction.