You will receive the highest level of personal and professional assistance in the valuation, offering and consummation of a transaction. You will receive guidance that is grounded in transactional experience coupled with the operational understanding of what makes your business unique.


Deciding to sell

  • Understanding your motivations and objectives for selling
  • Review timing and market considerations
  • Initial collaboration on the groundwork for creating value for a buyer

Preparing for a sale

  • Assembling your advisory team
  • Review of valuation ranges and current industry sector dynamics
  • Corporate housekeeping

Determining target list of potential buyers

  • Strategically filtering to identify a very likely group of buyers
  • Developing a marketing strategy to attract buyers thru invitation

Creation of confidential business review documents and the offering package

  • Work directly with ownership to understand and communicate key information:
  • Company history, business overview, competitive landscape, sales and marketing, clinical operations, growth strategy, human resources, leadership team depth, historic and projected financial statements, business risks and opportunities, regulatory compliance

Communication with filtered buyer pool

  • Tightly coordinated effort to reach out to identified buyers simultaneously
  • Limit risk of disclosure creep
  • Receive rapid feedback on interest level
  • Assist parties with analysis of value proposition
  • Feedback relayed continually with seller

Pre-Sale Review

  • Letter of Intent serving as roadmap toward closing
  • Review and evaluation of binding and non-binding terms and preliminary deal points including price and timeframes

Due-Diligence Support

  • Seller preparation of due-diligence checklist and related responsibilities
  • Organization of documents and facilitation of timely delivery to prospective buyers
  • Coordination of financial and operational diligence thru Business Development and Management teams
  • Maintenance of an open and transparent atmosphere that encourages teamwork and mutual trust

Facilitation of Closing

  • Use of virtual data rooms and off-site review of diligence items
  • Transfers of licensure and permits required by sale
  • Identification of tangible and intangible asset transfers
  • Review of tax and transfer considerations related to asset or stock purchase

Staying on Track

We have seen great deals fall apart for less than great reasons. At Oakmark, our transactional experience, business acumen and communication leadership helps our clients work thru any problems and get transactions back on the path to closing.

Our focus on understanding the strategic objectives of both the seller and the buyer aligns the interest of the parties and is the hallmark of any successful