At Oakmark Advisors, we value a company's worth beyond its price tag. Our valuation services consider various factors that impact its value, including income and market-based approaches, regulatory and business environment, competition, risk evaluation, compliance, and opportunities for revenue growth.



Our team of professionals works closely with clients to assess the following variables:

  1. Income and Market-based Approaches - We measure tangible and intangible assets, benchmarks of industry valuations, and cash flow analysis.
  2. Evaluation of the Regulatory and Business Environment - We evaluate the short and long-term regulatory and business environment landscape.
  3. Clinical and Operational Benchmarks - We evaluate the clinical and operational benchmarks of the business.
  4. Marketing Plan Implementation and Sales Force Effectiveness - We assess the marketing plan implementation and sales force effectiveness.
  5. Referral and Client Risk Assessment - We evaluate the referral and client risk assessment of the business.
  6. Competitor Density - We assess the competitor density in the market.
  7. Compliance and Quality Assurance Measures - We evaluate the compliance and quality assurance measures of the business.
  8. Patient, Client, and Referral Source Satisfaction - We assess the satisfaction levels of patients, clients, and referral sources.
  9. Opportunities for Revenue, Margin, and Income Gain - We evaluate opportunities for revenue, margin, and income gain.


Valuation Review 


We offer a valuation review upon request, which involves a discussion of the firm's income statements, balance sheets, depreciation schedules, tax returns, and business and marketing plans. Based on our analysis, we express a valuation range as a percentage of annual sales or a multiple of earnings.


Expressing Valuation Range

At Oakmark, we express a valuation range as a percentage of annual sales or a multiple of earnings. We work to unite parties with a mutual understanding of the EBITDA components that are typically subjective, such as revenue recognition, A/R reserves, depreciation schedules, owner discretionary expenses, and non-recurring expenses.


Premium Valuation Methodology

At Oakmark, we understand that certain buyers may be willing to pay a premium above the fair market valuation of a firm given service area and service line market conditions. As advisors, we work to assist potential buyers in understanding the strength of middle-management and the underlying referral and client base demographics that may justify premium valuation methodology.


Executing Business Plans Post-Sale

Likewise, if a homecare or human capital business has had recent growth, we work with both sides to equate earnings multiples or revenue base assumptions on grounded terms that evaluate the demonstrated pipeline, contracts, and historical review of strategic growth plans and the corresponding results. Buyers must be confident that valuation ranges are based on clearly defined historical results and that trending patterns or anticipated proforma growth trends are grounded in executable business plans post-sale.


At Oakmark Advisors, our goal is to provide clients with an accurate and comprehensive valuation of their business. Contact us today to learn more about our valuation services.