One of the most important steps in the preparation process for the sale of a company is the selection of an advisory team that will assist you with the many facets surrounding pre-sale and post-sale matters. That team routinely consists of a Merger and Acquisition Advisor, a Certified Public Accountant, and Legal Counsel.

Oakmark Advisors provides you with a comprehensive range of advisory services that assists sellers and buyers with understanding the market, identifying prospective target partners, valuation and deal structure.

Why elect to work with Oakmark Advisors?


The principals who you will be working with have over 60 years of financial, operational and management experience in the healthcare and human capital marketplace. Our team has hands on experience in mergers and acquisitions with emerging and middle-market companies. Our approach is grounded with real world transactional insight in the sectors we cover.

Dedication to Client Support

Your team is available to you at any time. We have worked in the service sector and support it, striving to exceed your expectations throughout the term of our engagement. We treat our clients as you treat your clients. We want you to expect, and to receive, professional service and support at all times.

Focus on Confidentiality

We believe protecting confidentiality is a crucial component not only of our relationship with our clients, but also the nature of how we market the business opportunity to buyers. Rather than broadcast the opportunity to the global buyer marketplace, we identify a limited number of buyers that are likely to be the best fit, and we isolate our focus on that limited group. No identifying company information will be given until a company Confidentiality Agreement is in place.

Fees are contingent on success

Our fee structure is designed to create win-win scenarios for our client engagements. We are only paid once a successful transaction occurs.

Unique Perspective

We share a common background with our clients. We have bought companies. We have sold companies. We have integrated acquired companies into existing ones. We have learned from all that can and should go right in a merger or acquisition at the same time we have learned what can go wrong. We have learned best practices for hiring a sell-side advisor and strive to bring all that we have learned to our clients. We believe we have a perspective that few Merger and Acquisition Advisors have. A perspective that brings sellers and buyers together in a transparent environment that allows both parties to achieve success.

No Conflicts of Interest

We hold ourselves to a strict responsibility to our clients. At no time will we represent both buyers and sellers on a transaction. Furthermore, we will not represent companies that are direct competitors in the same principal markets and product lines. Once we are engaged with a sell-side client, we are dedicated to the sale of their business during the term of our engagement. We dedicate our resources and energy into opportunities for the firms we represent.

Superior Network of Industry Relationships

We are proud of the diversity of our professional network. Because of our industry background we have extensive clinical, operational, financial, and legal contacts in the industry sectors we support. This diversity of relationships gives us access to a unique audience that extends beyond the Business Development team and Executive team.